Having to walk that extra mile

Today was a very long day. Some days we are called to walk that extra mile and often it isn’t easy.

Today my day with Sundis was filled with many tears and frustration as we played the ‘hurry up and wait’ game. We laughed and danced to Arabic music, covered many miles in a wheelchair up and down the hospital hallways while passing the many hours we had to wait for Sundis to be seen by her doctors.

It took some time to break the ice, but I finally got a beautiful smile and it was well worth the effort. This lovely young lady has a beautiful smile and giggles with laughter when we listen to her Arabic music and we try to dance to the rhythm.

Sundis was finally discharged back to her family in Gaza today. Please pray that her follow-up visits at one and three months with the Gastrology surgeon will go smoothly and no problems will be found. I came home tired, but knowing that the extra mile was well worth the effort and that smile was priceless.