He Did it Again!

Today very early in the morning we took our beautiful Nyaz with her lovely mother for a blood test and follow-up with her cardiologist. Mom was really hoping that today she was going to be discharged. Nyaz seems really good, she has a beautiful color in her skin and also she is smiling, and active. She looks much better.
They did a blood test, echo and checked her vital signs. Praise the Lord the echo showed a really good result: she doesn’t have liquid in her lungs! Still the doctor wants to be sure that this liquid is not coming back so she wants to check her again in 10 days. Also next week she is going to have a pulmonary appointment because she has been making a weird sound. Depending on both results they can go home soon!  Please pray for a good result so that Mom and Nyaz can go home; they really need that.