He hears every prayer

This morning, I saw a very different Maryam to my last visit. She is obviously exhausted from the long hospital stay, having a test or procedure almost everyday. Following yesterday’s catheterisation, Sara, Maryam’s mum, explained Maryam’s fear of medical staff had returned. Although slightly better, her voice was still weak and her oxygen levels still low. My heart heavy with this news, I quickly messaged our staff Whats App group and asked if I could pray for “Mimi,” asking God to take away her fear and fill her with his peace.

Later in the day at Sheba Hospital, as I was visiting Mohaned, a baby from Gaza, Sara arrived to talk to his Grandmother and found me there. A huge smile on her face, Sara explained that since my visit, the doctors had taken Maryam off oxygen support and her levels were already much better, she had even eaten some chips!

I couldn’t believe my ears – I was almost speechless. Was it possible that she was talking about the same child I had seen so frightened that morning? God is truly at work in the life of this special girl. I am so thankful for the way he continues to answer our prayers.