He is awake!

I was very happy to see Raied’s mother in the Sheba Hospital ICU today. Raied’s mother brought me to the new hospital room he had been moved to.

From the doorway, he looked very small in the bed and as I am not allowed inside the room (due to coronavirus restrictions), mum took my phone to take some pictures to show me the exciting improvement that he has made since I last saw them.

She showed the photo and happily told me he is awake, a great joy to this lovely mother! She is starting to be able to think hopefully about his future. Although it’s some time away, we have hoped between ourselves that when the time comes to return with a healthy baby to Gaza, that I will drive her back to the border.

Raied’s mother has been a great help within our community, offering kindness and support and encouragement for the other mothers of Gaza. It is a privilege for all of us to know this kind and generous lady.

Praise God that slowly, slowly Raied is improving. Thank you for your prayers.