“He is fearfully and wonderfully made”

Even though today was a little chaotic, and things very rarely ever go completely to plan, God is still at work.

This was Mahdi’s first check up in quite a while. Mahdi is a very active young man who loves to move around a lot so you can imagine lying still for what turned out to beĀ  very long 2x echo and ECG session was challenging, none the less. Mahdi would much rather have been in the waiting area practicing his Israel driving skills in his favorite Maserati or chasing me up and down the hospital hallways.

Today’s challenges were faced with an awesome smile and a zest for life that is so beautiful to see. The doctor wants Mahdi to come back in a week or so, so they can do an MRI and a CT scan to further check on his on-going progress. Some follow-up surgery may also be required, but this is yet to be decided.

Please pray for Mahdi’s up-coming appointment, that God would give the doctors wisdom to know what is the best plan moving forward. No matter what they decide, I know God is at work in this awesome young man’s life.