He is still alive!

When Tara and I were in our way to the hospital we felt very anxious and sad. We were uncertain about what could happen during the night. We put some worship songs on in the car and started to pray. Finally we arrived to the hospital. Georgia and Julio were with Shakar’s mom. When she saw us, she started to cry, this broke our hearts. She was holding Shakar’s pants in her hands.

The doctor told us that anything could happen, because Shakar was really unstable. I had a lot of fears in my heart. It was also hard for Tara when Shakar’s mom approached his bed, and started to cry and say to herself many words in her own language, that Tara could understand.

I had my eyes on the monitor, observing his vital signs. Although he is with medication that supports his heart, on a machine that’s breathing for him, has now a stoma (because his intestines are in a really bad condition), and he is still experiencing some bleeding through his nose and rectum–his heart is still beating. He is still alive!

Mom was really tired, she fell asleep, and Tara and I experienced an unexplained peace. Later we tried to encourage Shakar’s mom to eat something, and we were able to chat with her, and experienced mixed feelings. We cried, we laughed, but we had peace. Shakar’s mom kept asking me all the time to go to sleep. I told her, I would sleep if she would too. Praise the Lord, we slept around three hours in the little couch close to Shakar’s bed, while Tara was trying to be awake if something might happen, but eventually she also fell asleep.

I was really happy to hear that there are people all over the world praying for them and for us also. Thanks for your prayers, we really felt them last night. Shakar didn’t crash during the night. The doctors told us that he had a good night, even better that they expected. I have hope, and I know that the will of our Father is perfect. He gives but He also takes away.

I really hope that Shakar can survive, but in a good condition, not with suffering. God can breathe into dry bones, so I lift up this situation to God. He loves Shakar and I know that He is going to do what is best for him and for his mom. I only want to pray for His perfect will in this little baby, and for strength for his mom, his family and for us. I know that He is a good God, He is never far. We are going to praise Him because he is going to do what is best, for our good and for His Glory.