He is Strong in Our Weakness

The last time I saw Harzheen was the day of her surgery, so I was very excited to see her again. When I entered her room she was with her mom. Both of them welcomed me with a beautiful smile, although Harzheen looked like she was in some pain and with limited movement in her neck. In her room we had a good time playing with her spinning top and slime. Later a doctor came to her room and explained us that she had a very large hole in her heart, and they planned her next surgery in one month but after her first operation they discovered a leaky aortic valve, for this reason they decided to move the surgery ahead the next week,  and also the doctor told us that for her neck pain she would be evaluated by a physiotherapist.


Then we went to the waiting room with Riham’s Mom, Mohammed’s dad, Nate and Sofie. We had a nice time drinking tea and eating cookies, but we also drew (by the way she is a very good artist). We had fun playing games on paper. When we said goodbye to her I saw in her face that she wanted to spend more time with us. It was then that I remembered that we need be like little children; even though she had pain in her neck and she was tired and weak, she did not stop smiling or playing with me. Only joy and hope was reflected in her face in all the time we were with her. 

This reminded me of a scripture in Isaiah:

“He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.” 

Please continue to pray for this beautiful girl for her complete healing and physical preparation for her next surgery and emotional preparation for her lovely mother.