He needs to play soccer

Today Mohammed underwent a special type of catheterization at Sheba Hospital, in which he was given a medicine to induce tachycardia so his heart could be observed via three catheters. There were two electrophysiologists in the cath, his pediatric specialist and one of the first electrophysiologists in Israel, who is now retired but still attends some interventions.

When co-worker Carina and I arrived to hospital, some of Mohammed’s extended family from Beersheva were there and they were such nice company to have. We joked that medicinal careers run in the family, as his mother is the head nurse of a cardiac unit in a Gaza hospital and her cousin who was visiting her, was an ambulance driver. They gave us true Arabic-style coffee in these miniature paper cups, which, if you’ve ever drank Arabic coffee, you know a little goes a long way for how strong it is.

At around ten in the morning, after two hours in the cath lab, the cardiologist came out to share some very good news. There are no electrical problems in Mohammed’s heart, it is completely normal. What he needs to do now is go and play outside and play soccer with his friends.

He and his mother were so excited to hear this news. It was a joy to know this outcome for this wonderful boy!