He Turns the Bitter into Sweet

Omar has been in the hospital waiting for a surgery since last week and it was my honour and pleasure to visit him today.

Of course it’s not good for a child to need to be in the hospital, but as this is the only way we get to see these families from Gaza, it can feel like a lovely gift from God…He turns the bitter into sweet.¬†When I realised that today that this “Omar” who I would be visiting is “Omar with the granddad who speaks good English” who was here in October last year, I just felt a rush of joy to be able to see him again. He was just a week old when he came to Sheba for his first operation, and I really remember him well. He was so tiny. I also have met him with his grandma at some stage over the winter time, and so today it was an immense privilege for me to finally be able to meet his mother, and to see how he has grown so much.

He is 9 months old! He is a beautiful and happy, alert and interactive little man, and his mum was really good company and fun to chat to. He has an older brother called Mohammed and we looked at lots of beautiful photos of the family.

Really, we have to praise God with thankful hearts that we are able to meet these lovely mothers, children and families. Especially also to share the joy which this mother has of having a family, and little Omar, who has lived all these months.

The mother of Omar also seems to have a lovely friendship with the mother of Reem, and they also welcomed another mum from Gaza who arrived today with her baby Mostafa. It’s so nice to feel the spirit of joy among these, as they experience hope and healing in the hospital here in Israel.

Please also pray for Omar; he has a virus at the moment which is delaying his surgery.