Healing and Progress

Ana was happy to see us today. Her Mother said Ana had been sad all morning but she was delighted to see us and enjoyed playing her version of peekaboo and talking to us in her own unique language. The surgery for her cleft palate went well and although she is still being fed via her PEG tube everything is healing as it should and she is now able to have sips of water. 

Ana is such a charmer, serious and concerned at one moment and then laughing and giggling the next. We are hoping that once she is home at Shevet she will continue to heal and that we can help develop not only swallowing but also her speech which has been difficult for her with her mouth issues. 

Please pray that Ana continues to recover quickly and that she will be able to come home to Shevet soon. Please also pray for Ana’s family who are missing Ana in Kurdistan and are looking forward to having her home.