Healing and Resting at Shevet

It was a joy to collect Razbar today following her brain MRI yesterday. The hospital team were really kind to us at the time of her being discharged having already arranged the follow-up appointments on our behalf to take place in a few week’s time. Razbar needs to stay at home for a few weeks now whilst her body adjusts to taking a new medicine. Having recently found suspected build up of blood vessels near the larynx which is impacting on Razbar’s coarctation the doctors very much want to see this reduce in size before the time of her surgery. Please pray that Razbar will be healed over this fortnight.
We were able to bring Razbar back to the Shevet house this evening and we are pleased to have her and her father back with us. We pray we are able to get to know them better over this time and that we will share a lot of joy together.