Healing Progress

We are thankful for Noora’s recovery and healing process on her hip! At today’s appointment we saw the big difference between Noora’s hip x-rays before surgery, after 6 months with the cast, and how she looks today by comparing them. The doctor was extremely happy and even called another surgeon to show the improvement – praise God! As a preventive measure he wants Noora to use a cast only at night to sleep because he wants to make sure that the hip will not go out again. We were encouraged to continue with her rehabilitation program at home and start with weight bearing on a walker. This is a huge step since our hope is to send her back home totally restored in all the areas that were possible to us!

God is a good God; he cares so much for Noora that he has given her this opportunity to come and have her heart and hip healed to have a much better life. Our constant prayer will be for her to accept Jesus as Lord and get to know Him as her healer and her Father. May God be revealed to this wonderful family and may they someday together worship Him!