Hearing Test

It has been a long journey for Dima. She has been sick most of her short life. First, her heart condition was healed here in Israel at Wolfson hospital 3 years ago, then the gastronomy closure, now it’s treatment for the loss of hearing.

Please pray for the mother first of all. She is very tired and sometimes feels hopeless. I told her that the Lord can still do miracles and can do one in Dima’s life. We need to wait for the final report tomorrow but the technician and speech therapist told us that both ears are, in fact, damaged. The right one is profound 85+ decibels of hearing lost. The left one is slightly better at 50-70 decibels of hearing lost. The technician suggested that both ears need to have hearing devices, but the right side will also need to have a cochlear implant. 

The nurse and the anesthesiologist here are very kind to Dima and her mother. We pray that the Lord will give peace to Dima’s mother during this time.