Hearing us when we speak

An echo today showed that Alaa’s heart is working quite well, thank God, now 48 hours after the supportive ECMO device was disconnected. This is more than almost could have been hoped for a week ago.

Alaa also still has pneumonia, so he has to remain on a ventilator and sedated a while longer, to let his lungs rest. I held his hand and started to speak with him today, just as I did a couple of days ago. His eyes open now when he hears us speak:

I encouraged him in different ways, not to give up, but to hold on. I spoke to him about his future, about his beloved wife and son who are waiting on him. All of his family. All of us in Shevet Achim. I reminded him of what I said before he had his operation, that there are lots of people around the world praying for him, his family, and the staff in the hospital. And I reminded him about the most important of all, that God loves him, and holds him in His hands. He knows all of this, and I’m sure that is what he needs to carry on. The knowledge that he isn’t alone.