Heart failure over the weekend

When Elise and I wanted to visit Mohammed and his parents at Sheba Hospital today, we realised that he wasn’t in the same hospital room anymore, but was back in the primary ICU because he had heart failure over the weekend.

As we heard this, we were really shocked as we knew that he was doing quite well before the weekend and was recovering well. The doctor then explained that Mohammed had an infection with high fever, but thankfully he recovered well after this. His mother looked still a little worried while she tried to explain with her few words in English how Mohammed was doing over the weekend. When we finally saw Mohammed, he was quietly sleeping on his stomach, waking up a little and falling asleep again.

Please pray for Mohammed, that he recovers well without any more difficulties. Let’s pray also for his parents. Thankfully they are not alone, but have each other as they are both with their son in hospital.

At the end of the day Mohammed was stable and was moved back to the secondary ICU.