Heart health and dental work

Asmaa had her dental appointment today. I think this is the first time, in her short life, that she ever visited a dentist. This is normal for Kurdistan. We have been trying here at Shevet to teach our children about dental care and infection-prevention information using teaching denture models. They love it and enjoy it.  However, the best remedy is parent awareness and for parents to instill good dental habits in their children.

Asmaa had a big abscess on the right upper front tooth. Today, both the dental surgeon and the cardiologist were deciding to extract it under general anesthesia or to use local. Because of Asmaa’s previous numerous heart surgeries, her specific dental treatment needed careful consideration before being decided upon. Finally both the cardiologist and the dental surgeon agreed on extracting not one but both upper central teeth.

Asmaa was calm and relaxed at the beginning, but later the dentist had to put stitches on both places to stop the bleeding. At this point, she started crying. The dental surgeon was amazing and very kind all the time.

The dental assistant blew up two balloons for Asmaa during the whole process. We had to wait for an extended period in a waiting room to see if she continued to bleed or not.  Thank God, she did not.  She wanted to jump and play with the balloons.

I told Asmaa’s grandmother that from now on, she must brush Asmaa’s teeth everyday, that it is very important for Asmaa’s heart health. On the way back home, Asmaa was happy to be playing with her balloons.