Hearts Knit Together

Once Sonia and I had finished the appointments of the day, I went to visit baby Saida, who is in the pediatric ward. It seems he has grown so much since I saw him last week! His beautiful mum asked me to stay with him awhile so she could quickly wash up. These few minutes were so special; when Saida was at the house he was always swaddled blankets or sleeping, but today I got to hold him and play with him, as his mum washed up. Once she was done she took him and gave him a bottle, she seemed slightly on edge, and when she had a video call from Kurdistan she started to cry. Today, she really struggled, she said to me that if he doesn’t have surgery next week she wants to go back to Kurdistan. Jesus has His purposes and His own timing, but He wants us to pray and petition him for things, so please ask the Father for Saida to continue to gain weight and for surgery to be within the next few weeks.

For a few minutes Saida’s mum and I sat together, held hands and cried. We cried for home, and for the uncertainty of the future. Amidst the pain, I thank God for this moment because the Spirit connected us in a special way. He allowed me to feel with her, and for those moments I hope she knew, at least, she wasn’t alone, and never will be. There is a particular prayer that I love written by Anna Waring, and part of it perfectly summarizes this day with Saida and his mum:

“I ask Thee for a thoughtful love, through constant watching wise, to meet the glad with joyful smiles and to wipe the weeping eyes; and a heart a leisure from itself to soothe and sympathize.”