Hello, hello, it’s Rahaf calling!

In the early morning we started our way to Sheba Hospital.

Rahaf is not a morning person, she sat in the car, looking like she would sleep with her eyes open. In the hospital we met Daryan and his mother who were, just as Rahaf, waiting for a CT-scan. We spent the time with walking around and Coby played with Rahaf with a hand full of toy animals.

Rahaf did very well! When she went for the CT-scan we prayed together with her Dad. After she woke up from her anesthesia she was very hungry. She also wanted to run around right away but still had a little bit wobbly knees, so she couldn’t.
In this beautiful picture she is “calling her mum” with her toy-phone to tell her, the CT-scan went well. She also “called” me a few times and we had a lot of fun. We are really proud that she wasn’t crying much the whole day.

Back in Jerusalem Rahaf was happy to see her “big sister” Shahad again. The two of them are a gorgeous team. Rahaf is imitating everything Shahad does and Shahad cares wonderfully for Rahaf.

How great to know, that we can call our heavenly Father at every time even when we don’t have a toy-phone. So let’s call him and pray for good results of the CT-scan and wisdom for the doctors on what to do next!