Help and love

Since Adleen had to spend the weekend in the intermediate ICU she got good news this morning. Her condition has improved and she was moved to the general ward.

Later, as we entered her new room, we found a smiling mom and a happy Adleen. Her big and beautiful eyes looked at us curiously. This curiosity wasn’t only focused on us, but also on the bandage on her hand. She was constantly playing and exploring it which couldn’t be distracted by the teething toy her mum gave her. Her smart mind amazed me.

Due to the transfer the doctors had a few questions for the mum. The language barrier led to the need of a translator. Adleen’s mum seemed to be very sad about being unable to answer on her own but God provided.

Adleen’s new room is two rooms away from another Shevet Kurdish baby, Iman’s room. Iman’s mum came to Adleen’s room for help in translating Arabic to Kurdish. It was beautiful to see how the mums were helping and loving each other. Iman’s mum stayed even longer to help. She didn’t want to leave until Adleen’s mum was fine and settled in. This love and support is so beautiful to witness.