‘Hemu mazbut’

Dina went into surgery in Sheba Medical center at about 8 am to close the VSD. The process took around five hours. Dina’s mother handled the waiting time with strength and a tender heart towards Dina. Her attitude throughout the whole day was that God knows best, and I think this perspective gave her strength, as of course it was upsetting to release Dina from her own expert care into the hands of another team of experts.

Now Dina is recovering in the ICU. Having shared our home with Dina and her mother for about a month now, my co-workers Alena, Sabrina and I really noticed their absence as we came together to eat this evening. Dina has been weary and crying in her sweet weak voice every evening. Now with her being in hospital, our house seems so silent. We really miss them both, and so can imagine this is a hint of how much they are missed by their family back in Kurdistan.

As my co-worker Alena has shared, little Dina’s mother likes to use the trademark phrase “Hemu mazbut,” which means “everything is just right.” Today, it was a pleasure to be able to share the news after the surgery of “hemu mazbut,” because everything had gone just fine with the operation.
Please pray for lovely Dina as she recovers.