Hena at the beach

Today I went to Sheba hospital with Hena and her uncle where she first had an echo. Although we forgot her pacifier in the car, she managed to stay calm for most of the time. Especially it was very funny and cute when she heard the sound of the echo machine and was then looking on the screen to check herself.

After this, the doctor told us that she will need a catherization and a surgery in the future. Today she already weighed 3.7 kilos which is a lot compared to when she arrived but she still needs to grow and wait a little bit for the next treatment.

She also had a blood test where it was again difficult to find a vein to get blood because she is so small. After the nurse found a vein, it was drop after drop which came out of the needle because the vein is really small.

Finishing in the hospital, we all went to our community house in Jaffa and had lunch with the other families there. After that, we made a small trip to the beach next to our house which the uncle and I enjoyed a lot.

Hena could put her foot in the sand the first time. In the afternoon, we returned to our guesthouse in Jerusalem. All in all, a very nice day!

Please pray that Hena will continue to grow, so that she can have her catherization soon.