Her baby is a gift

Early this morning, little Eva awoke refreshed from a good sleep, ready for her catheterization at Sheba Hospital. Her mother was visibly nervous, but remained positive…

as we all remembered God’s faithfulness that has brought Eva through each procedure.

After three and a half hours, the doctor came to tell Eva’s mother that the catheterization was successful and had given them plenty of information for their upcoming meeting to make plans for the next surgery.

While Eva was recovering from the anesthesia after her procedure, her mother shared with me that in Kurdistan, mothers are blamed for any health problems babies have when they are born. She said she spent a lot of time thinking about what she could have done wrong that she would be punished in this way. But, she said, in Israel it is different — everyone here tells her that her baby is a gift. “I love Eva even more now because she is a gift,” she affirmed.

I think about how Jesus answered his disciples when they asked him about the man born blind, whether it was he or his parents that had sinned. “Jesus answered, “It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him.” That’s what we pray for Eva — that God would be glorified in her healing.

Please keep both Eva and her mother in prayer as they await her next surgery.