Her good, good Father

Today coworker Luisa and I visited Hazhin in the Pediatric ICU of Sheba Children’s Hospital. I haven’t seen her since she first came into the hospital, and it’s absolutely horrible to see her like this. There are sores all over her skin because of her continuing sepsis, and her tiny body is still swollen – the doctors told us that she still isn’t losing fluid, and that she has far too much in her body. She desperately needs her next surgery, but every part of her little body is too sick to handle it yet.

I stood by her and stroked her hair, but then some nurses came in and told me it isn’t good to touch her head. I really wanted to pray for her, but somehow at first the words wouldn’t come. All that came into my mind were the opening words of the Lord’s prayer which Jesus taught his disciples.

“Our Father, who is in Heaven, hallowed be Your name…”

Hazhin’s earthly father, standing by her side every day and unable to do anything about her condition, loves her so, so well. But we know that her Heavenly Father loves her even better than anyone here on earth can love her. It is very, very hard to stand by the side of her bed unable to do anything to heal beautiful Hazhin, but we know that no matter how helpless we are, we serve a good, good Father who is all-powerful and loves her very much. Even if there doesn’t seem to be any hope for her, we can always hope in God, who can do the impossible. Her father is also holding on to that hope. Today he said, “Inshallah (if God wills), she will be well.” He was even able to laugh a little bit when he mixed up the words ‘will’ and ‘well.’ It is good to see that he has a little bit of hope for her. We pray that he can hold onto that, trusting God that He loves Hazhin and that His plans are best.

Lord God, our good, good Father, please work a miracle in little Hazhin, please heal her and let her grow up to be a testament of Your healing power. Lord, do not let death win in her life! Show Your power to conquer sickness and evil through this little girl’s healing! In the name of Jesus Christ, who conquered death once and for all, Amen.