Her joy was my joy

At Sheba Hospital today, I had the opportunity to spend time with a young mother from Gaza, while waiting for her baby to come out from his operation. How can you be any help in a situation like this, you may wonder, and I asked myself those words today. The language barrier made it impossible for us to communicate. She speaks Arabic, and I speak English. But I sat together with her in the waiting room, patiently waiting for her son to come to the Childrens’ ICU. Hopefully it gave her some peace, at least I hope so.

When we finally could see him, her joy was my joy. I loved seeing her start to relax while listening to the words of the nurse who was kind enough to give me a short version after giving the mother the comforting information. We were told that Malik is fine. It was a normal operation. Everything looks okay. Malik is taking medicine into his veins, but it will take a while before he wakes up. Malik’s mother was happy, I was happy, and I’m sure the doctors who performed the operation were also happy. Every single life is precious. So precious.

Please lift up this little baby in your prayers, but also his family and the medical staff who is taking care of him.