Here for a CT scan

I had the pleasure of picking up Mohammed and his mother at Erez this morning for a brain CT scan at Sheba Medical Centre. This was my third appointment with Mohammed, and we have become well acquainted. We were eager to snap another photo together while waiting for his CT.

When Mohammed was only 20 days old, he received a life-saving heart surgery. Now at the age of sixteen, he has been experiencing some shortness of breath and motor functioning impairment. The cardiologists at Sheba ran a stress test for him last week and found his blood saturation decreased exponentially the more he exerted himself. A neurologist we saw two weeks ago recommended this brain CT in the hopes it would help clarify what could be going on.

After the scan, evening had well arrived. Though Erez was technically closed by the time we pulled up to the border, they were still able cross and return home. Mohammed has been willing and brave through these appointments and we are praying the doctors quickly and accurately pin down the cause of his symptoms. We pray the brain CT scan reveals new insights.