He’s Always on Time

It was a pleasure today to have the opportunity to visit with the mother of Reem. When we arrived, we found her waiting outside the cath department as her daughter had been taken in about an hour before. When I went to introduce myself to her, I was surprised to find she spoke very good English.

We began discussing how thankful we were that Reem was able to arrive just in time and we shared with her how so many people across the world were praying for her precious daughter.

As we shared and talked together, I could see how God’s hand has been on this little girl’s life. For the first two months of her life, Reem’s mother thought she was completely normal. She was at home and would eat and play and develop like other babies. The only thing she noticed is when she would cry profusely during a bath, she would start to turn blue. But when she went for her daughter’s two month vaccinations, by God’s grace, the doctor noticed there might be something wrong and told her to get her heart checked. And thank God she did.

But that wasn’t the end, the doctors were all telling her to give up, there was no way she could be healed, it was too complicated. They told not to even try to get help from elsewhere. But she knew she needed to fight for her daughter. And thank God she did. Because shortly after, and again by God’s grace, her report made it in our desk and we were able to intervene.

It amazes me to see how God works these things out. By all means this little girl shouldn’t even be alive, but our understanding of time is so limited, because He’s always on time. We just need to trust and obey. This mother trusted that there was something more for her daughter. And as I sat there holding my own daughter in my hands I couldn’t help but praise God for His grace on Reem’s life.

Praise the Lord, her cath was successful and the doctors were able to close an artery that was providing blood to the lungs and making her heart work overtime. Now the doctors will wait to see how it responds and if they see that the heart is growing and getting stronger Reem should not need an open heart surgery. How amazing is our God that He turns the hopeless into hopeful and takes the downtrodden and lifts them up. What a beautiful God we serve!

Thank you for your prayers for Reem and her mother. May God’s Grace continue to be over this precious girl.