He’s sitting up

I haven’t seen Ziad sitting up since the day before he went in for surgery. But today, co-worker, Colin and I found him on the general pediatric floor awake, alert, and sitting up!

He is still on supplementary oxygen, and it is often fluctuating, but I am in awe that this toddler who had to be resuscitated twice in one day a few weeks ago, was the same one before my eyes today. His mother was attentive to his every need, asking him what he wanted, did he want to eat, did he want to sleep? I was so happy at seeing them both. His mother also told us that he remembered and responded to a video chat with his father back in Gaza, which is so special.

In a month, Ziad will hopefully have a surgery for his Hirschsprung’s disease. Please continue to pray for Ziad and his mum, they’ve come so far, and still with more to go, we pray that God would strengthen them and at the end of this, see His goodness.