He’s so strong

Little Jude had a surgery at Hadassah Hospital today to fix the infected wound on his shoulder. After his initial surgery at Hadassah, a misplaced IV opened the opportunity for a bacterial infection, which escalated to become a large wound. He has been on antibiotics and topical medications for a while now, but he hasn’t been making the progress the doctors wanted him to.

They decided to do a surgery to clean and close the wound. Yesterday, when I asked them about it, they said they would do a skin graft from his leg. However, they didn’t have to! They were able to clean and close the area without skin grafts, and he’s doing well so far.

When I first came in to visit today, he had been out of surgery for two hours, and he wasn’t allowed to eat yet. He was very hungry, and in a lot of pain from his shoulder as he woke up from his sedation. While I was there, he was sucking on his pacifier so strongly that it went in and out of his mouth. His mother said, “It hurts him, but he’s so strong.”

After I left the room, two doctors came in to do a blood test, after which he was allowed to eat. Jonathan and coworker Grant went in to visit him afterwards, and watched him have his first food after surgery. He was very hungry, and after calmed down a bit. Thank God for our sweet little boy’s good surgery!

Please pray that the infection will respond well to the antibiotics and that he will be able to go home soon.