High-risk surgery tomorrow

I went to Sheba hospital today to visit little Dina and her lovely mother. We miss them both a lot in our community home in Jaffa.

Dina’s doctors said that Dina will have a surgery tomorrow because of the results of a blood test indicating Dina is dealing with a vegetation. They also have to replace the VSD patch and maybe they have to switch the valves if they are very damaged.

Dina’s mother is very worried about this, because the doctor said the surgery will be a high-risk surgery for little Dina and there is a possibility that she might die.

But in all of thi,s we can and we want to trust in the Lord as he is the best doctor and knows everything about Dina and loves her. Please pray His guidance over the doctors tomorrow during this difficult surgery; God give them wisdom and strength.

Please also pray for Dina’s lovely mother during this difficult time, to trust that God knows what is best for Dina’s little life.