His Catheterisation

I joined Birhat’s lovely mum in the ICU just as the anaesthetist came into the room to explain the process for the catheterisation. During this time, he was happy and alert, and so was his mum. Birhat was particularly enjoying banging around a paper cup, which was causing his mum to really laugh as she played with him.

The staff were all so nice, as they took Birhat into the operating area, and we said goodbye to him. His mum cried a little, as its painful to see him being taken away, but she knew that he was in good hands.

It was a pleasure to wait with her, she wanted to go and welcome the new child, Razbar, and her father. She was quick to be a motherly pair of hands for her, as Razbar was quite upset.
We talked about the goings on at the house, and she was a bit sad to have missed Marya’s farewell party last night. Birhat’s mum is a treasured number of our family here, and so of course she would like to be here for all the parties. But, her heart is with Birhat, and her strength and joy are all for him.

It was a long wait to see Birhat again. The cath took over 3 and a half hours, and afterwards the doctor said that it had been a lot of difficult work. He said that he was reasonably happy with the result, although the procedure was not possible as planned. Birhat will need an intervention in the future, maybe in 2-3 years’ time; he is going to need another catheterisation.

Birhat was stable and back in his room when we left him. Please pray that he will recover quickly, and that after 1 echo next week, he can go home to his family in Kurdistan.