His kind doctor

Our adorable little Jude is doing very well after his surgery at Hadassah Hospital. Today the doctors were helping his mother to teach him how to drink milk. They gave him the nipple from a bottle to train his mouth how to drink. When I came in to visit today he was comfortably snuggled on his mom’s lap. He is even able to drink mother’s milk, only using some formula to fill in the gaps.

Today he needed a special bottle to help him drink. The doctor gave me a handwritten note with the specific details written down, along with a bit of money to pay for it. I told her that Shevet could pay for it, but she shook her head and said, “No, no, I want to help!” Jude’s mother was very happy and thankful to have the bottle. It’s beautiful to see how well the doctors care for this baby. Since he has hypoplastic left, Jude will most likely need at least two more surgeries, but for now he is doing very well.

Please pray that he will continue to recover, and that his learning to drink will go well.