Holding on

Alena and I went to take a look at baby Ghena, the day after her long surgery. The doctor in the ICU took time to explain thoroughly to us that Ghena is not doing well. She is in an unstable condition, and requiring a lot of medications to keep her heart, and body working. They found that there had been substantial bleeding into her chest.

Ghena was taken into surgery yesterday with the aim to repair her aortic valve, but doctors found it was not possible due to the complex anatomy of her valve.  The plan now is to try and keep her stable and then review her condition, as at the moment there’s not a clear solution of what to do to help her heart.

Please keep praying for Ghena! Her grandma was sleeping when we went to visit, and it’s good that she can take some rest and gain strength to be an excellent support for her granddaughter.