Home at last

Today, Minat was finally able to go home to Gaza. Her mum just couldn’t hide her excitement at the good report; a wide smile crept across her face as she called her family to share the news. Even Minat seemed to sense something special was going on as we piled the huge collection of bags and suitcases into the car.

The doctor was really happy with Minat’s progress. She said her heart function is good, she’s gaining weight and she reduced one of her medications. She’ll have to come back in three months for another check-up.

We’re all glad to see this little girl looking so healthy and finally able to go home. We’re grateful for the time we were able to spend together – particularly as they stayed at our house in Jaffa.

Thank God for the work he has done in Minat’s life and pray that her health continues to improve over the coming months.