Home time again for Halbast

Halbast’s mother has been such a delight to spend time with, never complaining, always hopeful and pleasant and gentle. So today, Claudia and I were pleased to see her. She wanted me to help her ask the doctor about the outcome of Halbast’s chest X-ray today. He has had an X-ray each day to see whether the amount of fluid in his lungs has decreased.

Thank God that finally today, the doctor confirmed that the fluid is only a tiny amount and that he is able to come back home.

Each day I see Halbast I can see his personality growing, as he recovers from the massive surgery he experienced. He is so adorable, and happily chatting, waving and blowing kisses.

Please pray that his mum will be able to rest well, and that God will speak to her and affirm her for having such great love for her son.