Home to Jaffa

If Shifaa’s smile was any bigger, I think it might actually explode! It seems to fill her whole face and then spreads to everyone else in the room. Today, Shifaa was especially happy because she was able to come home to Jaffa with us. Even if she didn’t fully understand what was going on, she seemed to sense the excitement around her.

Shifaa’s bed was practically opposite Khonav, so there was a really nice sense of community. Shifaa really loves Khonav and it was beautiful to see the way she looks up to her like an older sister.

Leaving the hospital took quite a long time because Shifaa had to wave goodbye to everyone we met! Eventually we all piled into the car, and headed home. Georgia, Nate and I spent the car journey singing some of our favourite songs such as “Blessed be the name of the Lord”. Shifaa seemed to enjoy this so much and her mum even started filming us.