Home to Jaffa

Co-worker Alena and I were greeted by multiple staff members at the hospital today, all of whom asked if we were looking for Khonav, as she is being discharged today. It seems like everyone has been captured by the wonderful friendliness of this special girl.

We reached Khonav in the classroom, doing some logic puzzles with one of the teachers. They were quite difficult even for us who fully understood the instructions!

When we left, both of the teachers said how much they will miss having Khonav around at the hospital. Thank God that He is in every circumstance, so despite having a big heart surgery, the beautiful qualities of friendship still are woven together.

The doctors and nurses enthusiastically expressed similarly, please to make sure that Khonav comes back to see them when she comes for an echo check up next week. One of the doctors had even given Khonav a beautiful bracelet as a gift.

Khonav’s radiant mother kindly took the time to say farewells to other mothers and grandmothers in the hospital whom she had been alongside during her stay. Despite the differences in language, she took the effort to use a few words in English and Arabic as well as her trademark embraces to leave everyone she met feeling sure that she cares for them and their situation.

Khonav and mum were welcomed back home to Jaffa by the other mothers with exactly the heartfelt enthusiasm they deserve. We have all really missed having them around, especially Halbast’s mother, who travelled to Israel with them weeks ago.

Thank God that Khonav is well enough to be home with us in Jaffa. Please continue to pray for her and that she can enjoy the benefits of her new health after the surgery.