After nearly two months in the hospital and one previous hospitalization from the ER, Asmaa is finally back at our Jaffa base!

The term that comes to mind on this day is perseverance. A two-month stay in the hospital is a lot for any parent to handle, but Asmaa’s grandmother, an older woman with medical complications of her own, endured these long weeks of echo’s and blood tests and not one – but three surgeries! In addition to all this, Asmaa remained in hospital this past week due to INR levels in her blood which were not good. Coming home was a risk. The doctors worked to restore the INR levels to a good place, and stabilized them.

As for our beautiful Asmaa, what can I say? She has blossomed in these past months despite going through the three surgeries.

She is very communicative, open, and engaged. She loves to color and watch YouTube videos. Her smile has not changed, it will still melt your heart. She now can be seen wearing golden bangle bracelets, bejeweled hair clips, and a whistle around her neck. Once reserved and shy, Asmaa now showcases her inner spark in her exuberant sense of style.

She was welcomed back warmly to the Jaffa base. Our head nurse Colin even gave her a welcoming gift of stickers, which are among her favorite things!

It’s so, so good to have her here. We’d like to thank our Father for giving her grandmother the strength to persevere and for really safeguarding Asmaa from the trauma of undergoing three surgeries in a short period of time at such a young age. All I have to say is Supas bo Xwa! (thanks be to God in Kurdish) and welcome home Asmaa!