Mohammed has been in Sheba hospital for three months, and today was the day that everything lined up for him to be released home to us in Jaffa.

The whole of the department had provided excellent and thorough care for him, helping his mother to grow in confidence. There has been so much work and thought going into this task of helping Mohammed get back to health, and preparing for his discharge home.

The doctors and nurses have of course helped immensely in Mohammed’s case. Also, Mohammed’s mother is such an intelligent and competent lady. Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that she is just 24 years old when we remember everything she has endured, especially in these recent months. As co-worker Alena and I greeted her this evening, we both felt so proud of her. One of the first things we wanted to say to her was, “well done.”

Of course this evening she was beaming at the prospect of Mohammed returning to Jaffa, and her roommate at the hospital, another Kurdish mom, was also in good spirits as she helped her to pack and saw her off.

Another Kurdish baby was also discharged from Sheba hospital this evening, so both mothers were in a wonderful mood, laughing a lot as we all together tried to squeeze their bags, pushchairs and Mohammed’s feeding pump equipment into the Shevet van.

Thank God for this happy, joyful evening, what a wonderful blessing to see Mohammed’s smile and to be able to bring him and his mother back to Jaffa to a houseful of welcoming mothers.