Hometime for little Omar

We brought little Omar back to Sheba Hospital from the Gaza border crossing for a check-up today. It was so so good to be able to spend time with his mother, who has been our neighbour in the families’ apartment all week, but sadly whom I have hardly managed to be able to see, with so much going on here.

Omar’s mum is a really steady, pleasant and undemanding person, with a calm nature and is fun to spend time with. She told me about her family, especially showing me photos of her older boy Khalid who looks like her, and her husband who looks like Omar. This is a beautiful family, and I am so pleased that the outcome of today was that Omar could return to Gaza to be with them! He had spent his entire life in hospitals, and most of that has been at Sheba; with his father unable to visit him.

Omar’s echo looked good today. The doctor told me that he has one of the most complex anatomies (anomalies) they have seen. His anatomy means that it is not possible to put him on a heart bypass, meaning that it wouldn’t be possible to carry out an open-heart surgery. So Omar has had two stents placed in his pulmonary arteries, which are functioning well, helping him to live, thank God, in relatively good health at the moment.

After the doctor gave the news that Omar and she could return to her family in Gaza today, Omar’s mother squeaked in happiness and we shared a joyful hug, as she poured out thanks to God, to the hospital, to Shevet Achim, to me (?!), to all who have helped her, in particular to Berith, our co-worker in Jerusalem.

Beirith and Omar’s mum formed a special bond during their time in Jerusalem, which was cemented during the emotional event of Omar’s bleeding. Both of these ladies are dear to each other’s heart. It was a happy surprise that it worked out for Berith to be able to come to the hospital today, and then return with Omar back to Gaza. God truly goes before us and makes the plans in such great detail, reminding us of the gift of good friendship.

Please pray for the tiny boy Omar and his family!