Hope and reassurance

Fatima’s condition is being managed with a new medication, but she still needs to be monitored in Israel, currently the doctor of the ward at Sheba hospital and the cardiologist are talking about the best way forward for her; the medicine is rare and difficult to get, and God willing, we will be able to help supply this for her.

However, there is also a question of where she will go when she is discharged.  Will she return to Gaza or will she need to stay in Jaffa? Please be praying for what is best for Fatima, and that God will direct exactly what needs to happen.

But God is always present with us as exemplified today; just as co-worker Sabrina and I were leaving our community house to go to Sheba, we thought to bring a coloring book and some colored pencils for Fatima because she loves to draw. We gave these to her and spent some time with her and her mother, and after a while her mother said that this morning Fatima had asked for colored pencils to draw with. How could we have known to bring them because we couldn’t have known Fatima had asked for them.

The answer was obvious for both of us, and we smiled in a sort of deeply satisfied way because we knew it was our God that orchestrated this. So in this small way, we received hope and reassurance that God knows what we need before we ask, and he will bring everything together for Fatima. Today it was colored pencils, and in the coming weeks, He will guide us in how to do what is best for Fatima and her health.