Hope for each new day

Today we got to go into the Children’s’ Cardiac Ward at Sheba Medical for the first time in months as the Corona restrictions are methodically relaxed, and to get to visit Ziad and his mum was very special.


He was supposed to have a catheterization today, but due to a recent fever it has been postponed. He was intubated still as he is unable to breathe on his own. The nurse said that his heart is working, but not well enough.


Seeing his mum was like seeing a dear sister. I was so happy to be with her again. She explained that he didn’t have a fever last night but in the days previously and that the cath he will have is supposed to be interventional.


Everyday she asks a nurse or doctor if he is better than the previous one. As she told me this, she was full of hope that each new day would bring for her son. She is very eager to see him recover but also committed to be by his side until he is fully well, no matter how long that road is.


Please continue to pray for these two, who are so dearly loved, especially for his upcoming catheterization.