Hope for Halbast

After a long night of traveling from kurdistan to Israel, Halbast and his mother were able to rest in our home, however Halbast was a little bit sick. His temperature was a bit higher than normal, his heart rate was also faster than normal, and his oxygen dropped for a few minutes then stabilized.

It was very difficult for the technician to perform the Echo, Halbast was crying and moving all the time, the the cardiologist and the head nurse incharge of the program decided to do an Echo under sedation.

We thought we were going back home today, but after the medical staff did the ECG test we were informed that he was going to be admitted. Halbast was hospitalized, sharing the same room with Taman, another Iraqi-Kurdish boy. Both mothers were so happy.

It is always a challenge to translate to “Badini,” another Kurdish-dialect which I don’t speak much of although I am able to communicate a bit. Another Badini speaking father helped me to make a good translation. Again, in the midst of all this, the Sheba medical staff are amazing and very patient. Hopefully Halbast will have a diagnostic Cath tomorrow. Please keep him in your prayers, he was not looking well. Please also remember his young, kind mother, for this is a completely new experience for her