Hope for her future

I saw Salwa’s mother following a big cot being wheeled into the echo area this morning at Sheba hospital. She gave me rather a powerful and fierce hug and a kiss; the Kurdish ladies can be very strong.  I took the force by which she embraced me as a sign that she was feeling quite optimistic and happy about Salwa’s condition.

I haven’t seen Salwa for a few days now, but when I peered into the bed at her and called her name, she responded with a big smile and moved both of her little hands upwards, almost waving, or perhaps dancing (we hoped). It was a BIG blessing to see her like this, so responsive to interaction and happy.

The echo today showed that her heart is looking very good! Her mother was reassured again that the doctors are not predicting another surgery would be needed for Salwa.

Later in the afternoon, the nurse in charge of Salwa’s department called me to say she wants to meet together tomorrow to discuss Salwa’s discharge, potentially this week!

Thank God for this wonderful, miraculous recovery and healing for little Salwa.