Hope for our brother Mustafa

When we entered the adult ICU today we found the sleeping Mustafa with his cute mum that was soooo happy to meet us. The mother Sundus told us that she just had prayed that somebody would come to be with her! We were so touched how God cares for His beloved.

In the beginning Mustafa seemed to be a little restless but it got better after a time. He didn’t have the surgery for debridement of his leg last night, so they planned it for today but again it was difficult since there were emergency cases and no free operation rooms.

Mustafa’s mum is really caring well for her son,  always around as long as the visiting hours of the ICU allow and longer if the nurse permits. But she is also very tired and worried. When she talked to him with her loving voice, telling her son that we came to visit him, there was something pleading in her voice, like asking him to stay, to stay strong, that brought tears to my eyes and to hers.

At the bed of Mustafa Claudia prayed 2 Corinthians 4:17 over him: “For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.” And the word momentary caught her eyes. Only about ten minutes later the doctor came to give an update and informed us he thinks that Mustafa is going in a good direction. Still everything is very difficult and he needs a surgery for his leg and a tracheotomy and a dialysis for his kidneys, but as Mustafa is a young man he is confident these threats are only temporary.

Our confidence is in God. We know if somebody can help Mustafa it is him. So we pray for him. Praise God, Claudia, Sundus and I also had a good prayer time today in the ICU. We pray that God is touching their lives and changing it in this deep time, that they may feel his comfort. For me, Mustafa is a brother after all the things we experienced together before the surgery. And I feel comforted to know that God hears my prayers for my brother. Please join the prayers for our brother Mustafa! Pray especially for surgery for his leg soon, and for a good rest for his mum.