Today Mimi had a very hopeful Pulmonology appointment. I say hopeful because the doctor has said since she isn’t aspirating and is without auxiliary oxygen, she does not need to have a bronchoscopy. She hopes that in six to twelve months that the stridor and damage to her vocal chords will heal naturally, but what she needs is time.

So the Pulmonologist will see Mimi when she comes for her echo in two weeks, which will also provide more information the future surgery Mimi will have. Whenever that takes place however, her respiratory problems won’t inhibit her next operation.

For Mimi, although she gets very anxious at the hospital, everyone really loves her. The doctor who knew her from when she was first hospitalized, when he saw her, took Mimi in her arms and sat with her as she also provided Mimi crayons to color with.

It is a blessing to work with such caring and devoted doctors who make our kids feel loved. Please continue to pray for Mimi. We can see improvements even so soon after her discharge, so thank God for this evidence that she is getting better.