Hopeful Tears

In the morning, when we first saw Dino and his mother, she was very sad and worried about his upcoming operation.
We expected this to be the first surgery of the day, but he was actually the second, so we needed to wait another two hours for the surgery to begin. Dino was very hungry during this time because he had to fast before the anesthesia. So we played with him, made balloon animals with gloves and sang a Hebrew song with his name in it.
Finally, the surgeons came and explained the operation, when they talked about the potential complications of this large and risky surgery, the mother began to cry. It was a difficult moment for the Mother at the sliding glass doors leading to the OR, passing little Dino into the hands of the waiting surgeon. The next 5 hours seemed to take an eternity, Diana faithfully sat with the mother the whole time and we prayed with her, compared pictures of our families, and shared a meal.
The whole experience culminated in a moment that will stick in all of our memories forever. The nurse told Momma that she could come in to the room and touch her baby, the look of hope on her tear streaked face made all the waiting worth it.