Going home soon

This morning, coworker Momo and I drove together with beautiful Eliana and her lovely mother to the Sheba Medical Center for Eliana’s scheduled echo appointment.

The doctor said her ECG, oxygen level and echo look very good after her catheterization three weeks ago. That’s the reason why Eliana is probably discharged to Kurdistan, but the doctors have to discuss it and will tell us on Wednesday if it’s a yes or no, but it looks very good for her. Also, we don’t know when she needs to come back to Israel for her next treatment, it depends on how she is doing. It may be in six months, but it could also be in another two years or later. For now, we are looking forward to Wednesday and hope the best for Eliana.

During the waiting time Eliana was very active and was the whole time running around and had a lot of fun in the playground area.
It is so nice to see her like this.

While we’re happy for a coming discharge for our kids at Shevet, we volunteers and of course also the families in our community home are a little bit sad to say goodbye to Eliana and her mom so soon because they are so lovely and they became a big part of our hearts. For my part, I always so much enjoy to spend time with Eliana and her mother. She is a very sweet and smart girl and it’s wonderful to see how lovely her mother cares for her daughter and how Eliana is trusting her in every moment.

When we returned to the house today, another Kurdish child, (teenager) Khonav hugged Eliana immediately, as they have such a special relationship and said that she won’t let Eliana go.

So let’s pray for them, that they get good news on Wednesday.