Hoping for discharge soon

Today we heard great News. Asmaa is doing very well and has been moved to the second ICU today. Without  oxygen support her oxygen level is very good. Thank God!

Asmaa has been a strong girl these past few days. On the weekend we had a call from Asmaa’s grandma. She had very strong stomach pain was not feeling good. She needed to sleep and in the ICU it’s not so easy to have rest. The nurses there agreed for us to bring Asmaa’s grandma to Jaffa to find some rest. Asmaa is very attached to her grandma however, so I prayed that God would make a miracle, and He did!

When her grandma left the hospital, Asmaa was’t crying like she did every time before!¬† My husband Markus and I were the first ones to keep company with her in the evening. She did very well, was very calm and lovely. She ate well and a couple of hours later, she was sleeping. Her grandmother recovered very fast and was able to come back to Asmaa the very next day.

Asmaa is one step closer to coming back to Jaffa, thank God! Thank you all for your prayers. Please pray also for her grandma, that she has no more stomach pain and that Asmaa can be discharged soon.