Hospital admission

Our sweet little 10-year old Roshna is one of those people that really touches my heart. She is a gentle and happy girl, and I have never heard her raise her voice to her mother, nor seen her sad, even though she is bored being here. I totally understand that she feels bored, waiting for an operation in a foreign country, far away from her beloved family and everything she is familiar with.

But still, no complaining and she seems relaxed.  Finally her time has come. Tomorrow morning she is admitted to Hadassah Hospital for all the preparations and tests needed before her heart operation which takes place on Sunday. I told her and her mother that people around the world are praying for a good result, and that the doctors and nurses are very nice and will do everything they can to help her to get well and strong.

So please, lift her and her family up before the Most High, but not only them. Also lift up all the medical staff who are doing an excellent work with all these precious children coming into Israel for their heart surgeries.