Hospitalized Again

This morning we went with Lana to have a routine blood test. Lana was smiley and calm. We were busy with echos and visiting other children. I was just finishing getting new appointments for our kids and I got the news from the secretary in charge that Lana needs to be admitted in the hospital again. The IRN test measures the time for your blood to clot. We did not see the results of the test but the doctor mentioned it. This is maybe one of the reasons why they decided to hospitalize her again.

I had to pray for wisdom how break the news to the mother first because she is very nervous. Lana did not get permission from the doctor  to go back home so Tara stayed with Lana and we went back home to bring personal things for them.

Both of them were crying at times. It was not easy to tell them the news but I had to do it. Eventually she was given a room and hopefully tomorrow we will have more information. Please remember them in your prayers.